Te Hononga Māori Studio 2013

My individual design is presented here, as part of the ‘Te Paparewa ki Tāmaki’ project.

The project was offered to 2nd year Bachelor of Architectural Studies and 1st year Master of Architecture (professional) students as a studio option for semester one 2013. The brief instructed students to research and design a ‘Paparewa Teitei’ to be constructed on Auckland’s Waterfront as a celebration of local Auckland Iwi Treaty settlements, with students undertaking individual and group research prior to developing individual designs.

The project resulted in an installation inspired by the hakari stage. It was built in Silo Park on the Auckland Waterfront using the gantry and recycled laminated beams.

The project was constructed as part of the 5th Auckland Triennial led by renowned curator Hou Hanaru, “If you were to live here…” included work by more than 30 New Zealand and international artists, collectives and architects.

Role: Design, Development, Construction

For: Unitec School of Architecture | Te Hononga Maori Studio

Date: 2013

URL: www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/auckland-city-harbour-news/8837414/Matariki-flags-raised